Private Tutoring

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I tutor professionally and work closely with students to ensure their academic success. In the past, I have worked with students from all grades K – 12, college students, and adult learners. I teach:

standardized college entry exams
(SAT, ACT, or some AP exams)
reading comprehension
academic and professional writing
literature written in or translated into English
high school mathematics (algebra, calculus, geometry)
undergraduate level humanities coursework
organization and study habits

In addition to content matter, I can help with gifted students requiring extra enrichment, as well as children and adults with learning disabilities or other special needs.

You may contact me directly or use my University Tutor profile to set up an appointment.

Note: I try hard to keep my average tutoring rate far below my competitors. Some private tutors charge $100 or more per hour, while tutoring companies can charge students thousands of dollars for “factory-made” lessons. My rate depends on two things: fairness and affordability. I think it’s fair for private tutors to make only marginally more than the schoolteacher’s estimated cost per student per hour. And I will negotiate a rate with students so that they can get the help they need without overburdening their budget. This way, my clients and I can concentrate on learning that enhances their academic, professional, and personal life.

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